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Helping Seniors Re-Learn How to Speak


Communication is essential in daily life. It is how we can connect with others, express our emotions, and let out our thoughts. Certain situations can cause a person to have difficulty speaking, which is a problem that we want to help solve here at Trulife Home Health and Hospice Care.

Many people who have gone through brain injuries, strokes, dementia, or neurological disorders are living with their effects, which include losing the ability to speak. Aside from that, aging can also affect a person’s speech. Speech therapy is a rehabilitation process that will help people improve their communication skills or even re-learn how to speak! Here are the benefits of speech therapy:

  • Varying exercises and methods can help seniors whose larynx muscles have weakened.
  • Prevent choking and swallowing problems among seniors
  • Help maintain brain function and symptoms of Dementia
  • Treat aphasia, which occurs after a stroke

Besides speech therapy, we also provide hospice care. Our hospice care in California offers individuals with a life-limiting illness medical assistance for their condition, the emotional support they deserve, and more.

We want to make sure that attention and proper care are given to patients. By offering companionship services, we aim to cater to their every need and comfort them, as we wish to provide solace in such a difficult time.

If you want more information about our Speech-Language Pathologists or are looking for a home health aide in Hayward, California, contact us now at 510-274-5542 or We will ensure to provide our patients with a high-quality life with our wide range of reliable services!


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