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Who would benefit from home health care services?

Anyone who is:

  • recovering from recent surgery, hospitalization, or illness
  • recently discharged from any healthcare facility and needs additional care
  • in need of education regarding an illness and how to manage it effectively
  • terminally ill and wishing to receive end-of-life care at home
  • in need of assistance for independent living at home and enhanced quality of life
Why does one need home health services?

Anyone who would benefit from home health care needs it because:

  • returning home from a hospital or care facility can be faced with a lot of challenges
  • he or she still needs help to get better
  • he or she can get help in accessing community resources
Can’t my family provide the care home health care recipients need?
Transitioning from hospitalization or admission from a care facility requires more care and assistance than your family can provide. Healthcare professionals are specially trained to meet all home health care recipients’ needs.

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